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Spandau Ballet – Through the Barricades (Extended Version)

This is number 34 in my occasional series of 12" records from the 80s that had an effect on my life.

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Track Length – 07:08
Released on CBS
Format – 12″
Year of Release - 1986
1pCD Rating –
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Produced by Gary Langan,Spandau Ballet
On chart(s) - Top 50 12"s of the 1980s

Spandau Ballet – Through the Barricades (Extended Version)

Riding on the coattails of their empirical phase of True and Gold etc, the group came back in 1986 after a 2 year hiatus with the glory that is “Through the Barricades”… 

Now sleeker, and more confident in their image, they had left their squeaky clean image and moved into semi political anthems.

Released in 1986. It is the title track and lead single from their album of the same name.

The song tells the story of a couple who are separated by the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The lyrics describe the man’s determination to cross “through the barricades” to be with his lover, despite the danger and the opposition of those around him.

“Through the Barricades” is known for its sweeping melody, powerful vocals, and atmospheric instrumentation, featuring guitars, drums, and a string section. The song was a commercial success, reaching the top ten in the UK and several other countries.

The sweeping instrumentation is extenuated on the 12″ extended version, with it’s tempting introduction and extended instrumental bridges.