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Wham! – Wham Rap ’86

This is number 36 in my occasional series of 12" records from the 80s that had an effect on my life.

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Track Length – 05:45
Released on Epic
Format – 12″
Year of Release - 1986
1pCD Rating –
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Produced by Bob Carter
On chart(s) - Top 50 12"s of the 1980s

Wham! – Wham Rap ’86

Originally released their debut single in the UK in 1982. The song was included on the group’s first album, “Fantastic,” and it marked the beginning of their rise to fame. 

Wham Rap! was a unique blend of pop, funk, and hip-hop, and it showcased George Michael’s skills as a songwriter and performer. The song’s lyrics dealt with themes of youth culture, social commentary, and the challenges of growing up in the inner city. The song was well received by audiences and critics, and it established Wham! as a fresh and innovative force in the pop music world.

Originally reaching getting nowhere on initial release, it was only after the bands second single Young Guns was a hit it was re-released and climbed to number 8 in the UK, then it helped to lay the foundation for the group’s future success. It remains an important part of Wham!’s legacy, and is considered a classic of 80s pop music.

My personal favourite mix is the “Final” ’86 version that featured on the Import only version of the bands last single release, known in Japan as “Music from the Edge of Heaven”. It is a re-edit, with extra beats of the original “Unsocial” mix that appeared on the original UK 12″.