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Kim Wilde – Cambodia + Reprise

Number 43 in an occasional series of reviews of my favourite 80s 12" records.

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Track Length – 07:15
Released on RAK
Format – Album
Year of Release - 1982
1pCD Rating –
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Produced by Ricky Wilde
On chart(s) - Top 50 12"s of the 1980s

Kim Wilde – Cambodia + Reprise

Confession time so this is the first of the “cheats”… Although an extended version it wasn’t actually released on the original 12″ of the track as this extended version, although a 12″ was released it merely contained the normal 7” version, the “Full” version I refer to was actually included on Kim’s second album “Select” which was released some six months after the single.

Very synth driven this was the 4th single release for Kim, and is a severely (at least in my humble opinion) underrated track. Inspired by the fall out from the “Operation Menu” bombing campaign by the USA during the Vietnam War it is a quite chilling lyric, over the top of a light and bubblegum electronic track. Although only reaching number 12 in the UK charts, and oft forgotten due to not hitting the dizzy heights of Kids in America or You Keep Me Hangin’ On it proved to be hugely popular on the continent, reaching #1 in several countries.

As a bonus for my cheating, I’ve included the single video below as well.

Video for Single mix