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Denise LaSalle – My Toot Toot

Seriously - OMG So, I found this on Discogs the other day, and it comes with a pretty unique story as to why I've got a connection to this track.

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Track Length – 05:30
Released on Epic
Format – 12″
Year of Release - 1985
1pCD Rating –
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Produced by Tommy Couch,Wolf Stephenson
On chart(s) - OMG

Denise LaSalle – My Toot Toot

Seriously – OMG

I found this on Discogs the other day, and it has a pretty unique story about why I’ve connected to this track.

Back in 1985, when it was released, I was a fresh-faced kid at secondary school with aspirations to be a “radio ‘jock”.  I had been DJing on the school radio station for about 3 or 4 years and had gotten pretty good. Some alumni had already gotten jobs on the local radio station, and I felt like trying my hand. I got talking to one of them (Gary Wilkinson, I think it was, although don’t quote me on that as it was 37 years ago!) who was busy producing a weekly singles review show, just inviting local celebs to review five or so new singles. We discussed my coming on as a guest, and it happened.

I hopped on the bus into town and trudged across town, up the 15 storeys to the studio (the lift was usually broken)*. I met with the local “celebs” (honestly, I can’t remember them at all), and we sat down in the canteen and had a pre-listen to the tracks. I remember there were five or so, but I can only really remember two of them: Howard Jones’ “Like To Get To Know You Well” and My Toot Toot.

My review went something like this: “What is this supposed to be aimed at? Novelty record, or serious stab at global domination?” Global domination? No, but it sticks in the head. 

It climbed the charts quickly after that week and eventually reached number 6 in the UK charts.

So… here’s your daily earworm – you’re welcome!

*I would later abseil down the 15 storeys as a fundraiser for the local scout group.