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Eddy and the Soul Band – Theme from Shaft (Boss Extended Version)

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This is number 29 in my occasional series of 12″ records from the 80s that had an effect on my life.

Shaft is a funk and soul instrumental piece composed by Isaac Hayes. The song was created for the 1971 action film “Shaft,” directed by Gordon Parks. The piece features a prominent bassline, brass instruments, and a guitar riff, all combined with a distinctive rhythm section. The theme from Shaft is considered one of the most recognizable and iconic film scores in history and has been covered and sampled in numerous other works, making it a timeless classic.

Remixed in 1985 by Ben Liebrand, this is my favourite mix of the track. 

One of the reasons that the “Theme from Shaft” has endured as a classic piece of music is its ability to capture the essence of the era in which it was created. The 1970s was a time of great social and cultural change in the United States, marked by the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the rise of funk and soul music.

The “Theme from Shaft” embodies the spirit of this time, with its funky, soulful sound and its association with the Blaxploitation film genre, which celebrated Black culture and gave rise to a wave of Black filmmakers, actors, and musicians.

One of the key elements of the “Theme from Shaft” is its powerful brass section, which gives the track a sense of grandeur and drama. The brass instrumentation, which includes trumpets, trombones, and saxophones, provides a sense of urgency and excitement, making it clear that something big is happening.

The bassline is also a crucial element of the track, providing a driving groove that keeps the music moving forward. The bassline is funky and rhythmic, providing the perfect foundation for the rest of the instrumentation to build on.

Perhaps the most recognizable element of the “Theme from Shaft” is the guitar riff that opens the track. The riff is funky and catchy, providing a hook that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The riff has become an iconic part of pop culture, with many people able to recognize it even if they have never heard the full song.

The “Theme from Shaft” has also had a significant impact on popular culture beyond its original release. The track has been sampled, covered, and remixed by a wide range of artists, including hip-hop acts like Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, and Outkast, as well as pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé.

The track’s influence can also be seen in film and television, where it has been used in a variety of contexts, from Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” to the animated sitcom “Family Guy.”

Overall, the “Theme from Shaft” has proven to be a timeless classic, inspiring countless remixes and adaptations over the years. Whether it’s Daft Punk’s futuristic take on the track or Danny Krivit’s chilled-out groove, each remix brings something unique to the table, demonstrating the versatility and enduring appeal of this iconic piece of music.

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Inspired by all the lists you see on FaceBook saying “Post your favourite albums, but don’t say anything about them…” I thought, hell I’m gonna say a bit about them and why they’re special. As a general rule I have chosen particular extended vinyl versions of the tracks for various reasons, amongst them they extend the length I can listen to them, and they often add extra ambience to the Radio Friendly 7″ version.

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