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Madonna – Into the Groove (Maxis Maximus Remix)

Bonus extended honourable mention in an occasional series of reviews of my favourite 80s 12" records.

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Format – Digital
Year of Release - 1985
1pCD Rating –
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Remixed by Maxis Maximus
On chart(s) - Top 50 12"s of the 1980s

Madonna – Into the Groove (Maxis Maximus Remix)

Bit of an oddity this one, and it can’t make the list as it breaks several rules.

I always loved Into the Groove, but it never really had an extended version that I could play at my gigs. Yes, the version from You Can Dance album was okay, but it never really captured the natural grooves of the original 7″ version.

Today, however I found a YouTube channel called Maxis Maximal that appears to take original stems (how they get them, I do not know) and remixes them. Having listened to a few of these remixes now, I haven’t found any modern overdubs etc.

So well done Maxis (whoever you are) thanks for giving me that extra bonus groove for future gigs.