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Bigbury, Devon, England, UK. 2022. Large collection of CD's in a


More than Just a CD Ripping Service

CD Archival



More than Just a CD Ripping Service

A professional service that quickly and easily converts your CD collection into digital music files Suitable for any digital music player (MP3, FLAC etc.)

Allowing you to realise the full potential of your Digital Music System (Linn, Moon, Auralic, Sonos, Naim etc) without any of the hassle of setting up your own conversion system.


For DJs or Libraries, instead of lugging around hundreds of CDs, why not put them all onto digital format, in the highest quality you can and take out just a single hard disk.

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Is it time to clear out, or organise your CD collection? Or do you just want to make your CDs more accessible? 

You may need to take the next step and transfer them to USB or Hard Drive.

This may seem a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Outsource the conversion of your Audio CD collection to digital audio formats, playable on the majority of both Personal and hi-fi music players


High Quality Archival

We use industry leading CD drives for our conversion on custom built CD Archiving rigs to ensure the highest quality conversion. We usually use Plextor or Sony drives. This ensures we capture as much of the data as we possibly can. If a particularly scratched or damaged CD is found, we can often recover music that normal CD ripping services cannot. 

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Lossless Storage

  • Probably the best digital music storage format

Apple Environment

apple music clear (Large)
  • Great for those within the Apple area

Storage tight?

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  • Ideal for compatability with the widest range of devices

Metadata and Coverart

Each track will include CD Artwork (where possible), with id3 tagging of Artist, Song title, Album Title, Album Artist, Genre and Year so you can quickly search and find your favourite tunes, and build custom playlists.

Each CD and track are individually tagged using licensed MetaData providers for high accuracy of tagging and album art. 


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